Soon after I joined Journey CxO I took a new role, which I thought I wanted. It required me to stretch into new areas I had not previously led. I felt a lot more pressure to succeed and fear about making mistakes than I had in prior roles.

Journey CxO introduced me to a network of people who had been there and done that. They helped me normalize my feelings and offered ways to respond in a more efficient way to the tremendous volume and complexity of requests coming my way.

I felt safe enough in the Journey CxO Community to be vulnerable and share honestly. They supported me in getting through the craziness. And helped me figure out what I really enjoyed doing at work. 

I have recently transitioned to another company and know that I will be much more comfortable in the role and enjoy the work more.

Moyosore Odubanjo, Finance Project Manager

Adi and Chris take a very holistic approach to supporting the Journey CxO members.  This includes extremely valuable and relevant weekly fireside chats with industry leaders, member-led curricula/discussions that help expand the group’s knowledge across a range of topics, and discussions led by Adi/Chris with practical implications to businesses small and large.  

In a post-COVID, remote-first landscape, I’ve found Journey CxO incredibly helpful to my professional development.  Combining remote work with working at a startup where it feels like there’s a constant fire drill, I was lacking the professional growth opportunities that I had when I was in-person with leadership and board members. Joining Journey CxO has helped me intentionally focus on my professional growth alongside a group of very successful and like-minded professionals willing to unconditionally help each other in their professional journeys.

 I strongly recommend Journey CxO to anybody, regardless of experience, that’s looking for support in accelerating their professional growth.

Neusha Sayadian, VP Finance & Strategy

This group is on Fire!  Every week I get the opportunity to join a fireside chat with amazing leaders from a variety of industries and functions. And that’s just the tip of the flame. There are monthly peer coaching groups, a very active slack channel for asking and sharing about practical things for running a business or being a consultant (e.g., HR system recommendations, Board presentation tips, accounting methods), and a weekly newsletter full of insights on trends, book summaries, and member spotlights. 

Membership has expanded my network very quickly with connections in complementary roles and industries. People are generous with their time and want to help each other succeed. 

I was able to more easily help a client because of information I saw in the slack channel that put me on the right path in selecting an HR system for a very small client. 

It’s absolutely worth the investment to join CxO.  It’s hot hot hot.

Beth Herndon, Fractional CHRO

As a Tech Executive with a robust set of experiences in high-growth / high-performance environments, I joined Journey CxO with the intent of further developing my mentorship skills and contributing to a growing community. The most rewarding surprise of the experience, however, was when my foray into giving back turned out to be an enlightening ride that helped me grow personally and professionally way beyond my initial intent. 

First, the concept itself is very much needed in today’s professional world. Belonging to a peer-supported leadership development community is like having an executive coach with the richness of experiences of a whole network that stays with me as I embark in new directions. The caliber and diversity of people, experienced professionals who have been in my shoes, and their commitment to actively invest in members’ professional lives fills me with gratitude; this is huge, as a strong network beats a big network any day…

Second, the content I have access to from leadership development frameworks, to fireside chats from C-level speakers from corporations, innovative start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, successful small business owners, thought leaders, to masterclasses drawn from the collective experience of this professional community, positions me well for the ever-increasing competition in the workplace. I can take a long-term view of my career progression across professional stages, which is difficult to pair in the short-term imperatives of any one employment relationship.  

I can’t help but feel proud of contributing to the launch of what can be a cultural phenomenon in business! Empowering the individual professional to navigate his/her career journey across employers, functions, professional junctures and stages of personal life. We are legion. 

Ramiro Juarez, Strategy & Operations Leader

Participating in Journey CxO has been an incredible experience. Over the last several months, I have had the opportunity to meet and engage with professional peers outside of my organization, learn from highly experienced C-level executives and participate in a positively life impacting Design Your Life course. What I enjoy most about being in the group is the interaction with professionals I would not have met otherwise and the relationships that I have formed along the way. The Design Your Life course was empowering and career changing for me. I learned new tools to use to have courageous conversations and to reframe my thought process, which resulted in an extremely positive career change for me. The leadership team, CxO members and learning content are unparalleled. I strongly recommend that anyone who is looking to improve their life consider joining Journey CxO.  

Emily Niguidula, Growth & Strategy

In a tumultuous year, Journey CxO has been exactly what I needed to maintain my sanity.

Forced quarantine and starting a new job in the middle of a global pandemic led me to realize just how much I relied on casual interactions to build relationships at work and in my network. As I struggled with how to make these connections, a mentor introduced me to Journey CxO. The vision of Journey CxO as a community committed to nurturing, supporting, inspiring, and developing business leaders resonated with me.

My experience with the community has been incredible. By participating in a Designing Your Life class offered through the community, I learnt how to consistently practice asking “Why?” and how to reframe my failures to see where growth potential lies. Most of all, I have enjoyed connecting with people in a place of authenticity with no judgment.

For anyone seeking a community where they can make genuine connections, look no further than Journey CxO.

Annie Thompson, CFO

Having tried various personal and professional development programs and networks, CxO has provided me with the balance of personal vs. professional and strategic vs. tactical mentorship that I have sought for years. I was introduced to Adi in 2018 and his unique and powerful personality led to us forming a bond that developed and matured over the years. When he outlined his vision for Journey CxO in 2020, I was eager to become part of it. 

From my perspective, Journey CxO is unique in two major ways 1) it does a supreme job of balancing the conflicting priorities of a smaller, personalized, trusted network with the network effects of knowledge sharing and experience 2) the line between CFO and COO has blurred and the best CFO needs to drive the company forward across every function and therefore requires access to a diversified network of experts and advisors. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my Journey CxO experience to date. I’ve found new friends, received valuable expert guidance and recommendations, and taken advantage of personally rewarding opportunities to provide others with mentorship and advice. I look forward to continuing to grow with the network as well as see the network and participants grow and evolve.

Conor O’Donoghue, CFO