As a Tech Executive with a robust set of experiences in high-growth / high-performance environments, I joined Journey CxO with the intent of further developing my mentorship skills and contributing to a growing community. The most rewarding surprise of the experience, however, was when my foray into giving back turned out to be an enlightening ride that helped me grow personally and professionally way beyond my initial intent. 

First, the concept itself is very much needed in today’s professional world. Belonging to a peer-supported leadership development community is like having an executive coach with the richness of experiences of a whole network that stays with me as I embark in new directions. The caliber and diversity of people, experienced professionals who have been in my shoes, and their commitment to actively invest in members’ professional lives fills me with gratitude; this is huge, as a strong network beats a big network any day…

Second, the content I have access to from leadership development frameworks, to fireside chats from C-level speakers from corporations, innovative start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, successful small business owners, thought leaders, to masterclasses drawn from the collective experience of this professional community, positions me well for the ever-increasing competition in the workplace. I can take a long-term view of my career progression across professional stages, which is difficult to pair in the short-term imperatives of any one employment relationship.  

I can’t help but feel proud of contributing to the launch of what can be a cultural phenomenon in business! Empowering the individual professional to navigate his/her career journey across employers, functions, professional junctures and stages of personal life. We are legion. 

Ramiro Juarez
Ramiro Juarez, Strategy & Operations Leader