Soon after I joined Journey CxO I took a new role, which I thought I wanted. It required me to stretch into new areas I had not previously led. I felt a lot more pressure to succeed and fear about making mistakes than I had in prior roles.

Journey CxO introduced me to a network of people who had been there and done that. They helped me normalize my feelings and offered ways to respond in a more efficient way to the tremendous volume and complexity of requests coming my way.

I felt safe enough in the Journey CxO Community to be vulnerable and share honestly. They supported me in getting through the craziness. And helped me figure out what I really enjoyed doing at work. 

I have recently transitioned to another company and know that I will be much more comfortable in the role and enjoy the work more.

Moyosore Odubanjo, Finance Project Manager
Moyosore Odubanjo, Finance Project Manager