Having tried various personal and professional development programs and networks, CxO has provided me with the balance of personal vs. professional and strategic vs. tactical mentorship that I have sought for years. I was introduced to Adi in 2018 and his unique and powerful personality led to us forming a bond that developed and matured over the years. When he outlined his vision for Journey CxO in 2020, I was eager to become part of it. 

From my perspective, Journey CxO is unique in two major ways 1) it does a supreme job of balancing the conflicting priorities of a smaller, personalized, trusted network with the network effects of knowledge sharing and experience 2) the line between CFO and COO has blurred and the best CFO needs to drive the company forward across every function and therefore requires access to a diversified network of experts and advisors. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my Journey CxO experience to date. I’ve found new friends, received valuable expert guidance and recommendations, and taken advantage of personally rewarding opportunities to provide others with mentorship and advice. I look forward to continuing to grow with the network as well as see the network and participants grow and evolve.

Conor O’Donoghue, CFO