A career is hard to build.

Our Community is Here to Help.

Imagine a future where you can find both SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT in your professional journey.

“Journey CxO introduced me to a network of people who have been there and done that. They helped normalize my feelings and have offered creative ways to respond more efficiently to my myriad stakeholders.”

Moyosore Odubanjo, Finance Project Manager Read Full Quote

“Joining Journey CxO has helped me intentionally focus on my professional growth alongside a group of successful and like-minded professionals willing to unconditionally help each other in their professional journeys.”

Neusha Sayadian, VP Finance & Strategy Read Full Quote

“Membership has expanded my network very quickly with connections in complementary roles and industries. People are generous with their time and want to help each other succeed.”

Beth Herndon, Fractional CHRO Read Full Quote

“I joined Journey CxO with the intent of further developing my mentorship skills and contributing to a growing community, but have been surprisingly rewarded with the enlightening experience of giving back that has helped me grow beyond my initial intent.”

Ramiro Juarez, Strategy & Operations Leader Read Full Quote

“I learned new tools to use to have courageous conversations and to reframe my thought process, which resulted in an extremely positive career change for me.”

Emily Niguidula, Growth & Strategy Read Full Quote

“I learned how to consistently practice asking “Why?” and how to reframe my failures to see where growth potential lies. Most of all, I have enjoyed connecting with people in a place of authenticity with no judgment.”

Annie Thompson, CFO Read Full Quote

Balance Success and Fulfillment: JOURNEY CxO is Your Guide to the Career You Want.

Success = comforts, achievement, recognition, status, financial wealth

Fulfillment = meaning, purpose, a sense of worthwhile accomplishment

Why Join this Community?



Improve your financial literacy. Broaden your perspective to see the bigger picture. Ask more insightful questions. Understand the business from the viewpoint of all stakeholders.

  • Mini MBA Classes: Offered 2x/year
  • Resources


Develop greater self-awareness of your own style. Learn new approaches and tactics to improve relationships with direct reports, peers, and bosses.

  • TTI DISC Behaviors Style Insights
  • 1:1 DISC Feedback with Certified Coach
  • 1:1 and 1:many exposure to other seasoned leaders who can share experiences, best practices, and wisdom


You will have many “jobs” and “careers” over your Professional Journey. We can help you figure out what is right for this ‘season’ and how to navigate and manage the stress of expectations.

  • Intimate conversations with the co-founders and other members who can help you navigate a current or pending transition
  • Designing Your Life program
  • Resources


Expanding your future opportunity through quality connections with other high quality professionals.

  • Quality introductions to high performing professionals
  • Access to relevant jobs with direct introductions to hiring managers
  • Resources


Building a career that is both successful and satisfying is really hard and it is marked by peaks and valleys.

We have been in your shoes, and we know it’s not easy. We have faced lots of challenges where we did not know the solution. We will help you navigate these complexities and use the power of the group to find a better path forward.

We care deeply about helping you discover, pursue and achieve your professional goals and build a rewarding career journey.

We know that only by leaning on others who have had similar experiences (both good and bad) can you reach your highest potential.