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Combating Burnout

16 Practical Tips To Combat Burnout for Employees, Managers, and Employers

Many individuals, managers, and employers are seeking ways to successfully combat burnout. After a recent Journey CxO Cohort Group session, member Nikki Katsutani sent a thoughtful list of follow-up questions,…
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Why Efficiency Based Goals Are Good For Business

Efficiency based goals is how we tend to run our personal financial lives, and today I’ll share why I recommend them for business as well. ‘Do more with less.’ These…
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finance leadership

Characteristics of a Great Finance Leader

Given the environment today, I thought it a good time to revisit and discuss the characteristics of a great finance leader. Revenue growth and employee growth are much less sexy…
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Build leadership skills

3 Ways to Build Leadership Skills

There is no single ‘correct’ definition of good leadership. In my experience, good leadership comes in whatever form the individual acting the part of the leader decides to take (consciously…
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business acumen

Enhancing Business Acumen

Business Acumen, sometimes called being “Strategic” or displaying “Executive-Level Thinking,” is a phrase found in many job descriptions for managers and leaders. Business Acumen: The under-appreciated skill in business that…
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