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How to Understand Financial Statements: Part 1

How to understand financial statements. An introduction for those not trained in finance or accounting. All organizations (for-profit businesses and non-profit entities) undertake two primary activities: Raise capital from investors;…
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Importance of disconnecting

The Importance of Disconnecting From Your Routine

The Importance of Disconnecting From Your Routine   “I like camping…not all of it, just most of it. It’s a lot harder to make our food and we have to…
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4 Strategies to Retain Your Employees During The Great Resignation

In today’s COVID-impacted world of work, being a great manager and being able to retain your employees is more important than ever and harder than ever. “To lead people, walk…
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Low employee engagement

Employee Engagement and Retention: The Overlooked Execution Risk

Low Employee Engagement and Retention is a Business Risk “I never worry about action, but only about inaction.” — Winston Churchill Finding and retaining good talent was always hard and…
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Covid Changes to Workplace Status

How COVID Redefined Status Markers in the Workplace

TL; DR (The Summary) Manifesting personal status and identifying our own status relative to others is a critical element of social existence. We signal status to others through goods (things…
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