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quitting your job

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

The idea that success stems from never giving up is a core part of our culture. It is embedded in the wisdom of those we revere as heroes and role…
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professional vision

Revisiting Your Professional Vision for 2023 and Beyond

Have you been forced to find a new job due to downsizing? Are you unsatisfied in your current role? Is your work not intellectually challenging and rewarding? Do you have…
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leadership skills, cubes, man

Leadership Skills: Important Yet Often Overlooked Attributes

I’ve been reflecting on the characteristics of leaders, whom I define (somewhat broadly) as anyone who leads an entire function in an organization.  The descriptors most often associated with leaders…
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setting goals, new year resolutions

Principles for Setting Goals for 2023

Happy New Year! Early January is the time for reflecting on the past year and planning for the new year. The types of questions I have typically asked myself include:…
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managing upwards yin yang professional person

Managing Upwards: Standing Up to Your Boss

I recently had conversations about the CEO <> CFO relationship with two clients (at very different stages in their scale and growth.) The common thread was that CFOs need to…
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